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Ayuda π is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that allows software developers at an out-of-home company to integrate existing applications with the Ayuda Platform. Exposed as a set of SOAP Web services on the Cloud, developers can connect to Ayuda π using almost any programming language such as Java and C#.

The Ayuda Platform is big. Really big. So big that it’s likely that an OOH company will at first only adopt the Ayuda Platform in parts. For example: a media company may want to use Splash in conjunction with a mainstream third party CRM instead of Juice. In such an example, real-time integration can be achieved between both systems by calling functions on Ayuda π.

Whatever custom integration needs a media company has with bespoke, legacy, or third party systems, Ayuda π provides the necessary framework to enable a great integration story. Start connecting with Ayuda π.

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